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For over 15 years, CGR has been the only Italian company creating and developing gas-assisted injection technology. Established in Reggio Emilia, with its manufacturing headquarters in the Marche region, the company boasts highly qualified technicians with over 30 years’ experience in the sector. Thanks to its continuous research and the constant attention paid to the demands made by its customers, the company has succeeded in developing an assistance network which guarantees complete pre- and post technical assistance.
It creates made-to-measure solutions for every customer, with a range of products and special skills capable of satisfying all demands. The company offers on-site training courses for moulding machine operators, offering targeted and continuous advice which may also greatly help the project and designers staff.
CGR completely guarantees its technical solutions, such as the on site production of highly clean nitrogen in supplying a generator specially developed and a compressor when needed. It offers complete installation at the premises, with the constant availability of spare parts and qualified technicians, who will come and work on site from the start up and to resolve any problems which may arise.
Every proposed solution is carefully deeply studied in order to offer the customer constant improvement in terms of optimising the production processes and maximising profits.




- we simplify “gas-assisted injection” technology, making it easy to be industrially applied;
- we offer a complete and continuous pre- and post technical service;
- we guarantee a complete equipment system which is capable of satisfying any requirement.

- we offer complete installation at the premises, with training courses for moulding machine operators and targeted advice that will greatly help the project and designers staff;
- we guarantee our assistance service, spare parts and accessories, and constantly strive to improve the technology used in our equipment;
- we research made-to-measure solutions in order to improve and optimise our customers’ profit margins.



CGR srl _ via San Filippo 3 _ 42121 Reggio Emilia _ Italy _ tel +39 0522 433641 _ fax +39 0522 408602 _ info@cgrsystem.com _
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