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The Control Gas™ range is mainly aimed at applications in the injection moulding plastics area. It consists of a nitrogen generator (Nzh), an industrial compressor (MH) and an automatic control unit (HGRn, LD) used to control and distribute the compressed gas.
The nitrogen generated by NZH at a pressure of 6 - 8 bar is stored in tanks connected to the MH compressor, which may increases the pressure up to 350 bar using the three stages of compression.

The HGRn or LD control unit may receives nitrogen at up to 350 bar and controls the set up pressure required into the cavity during the complete injection cycles. The last stage in the Control Gas injection system involves the gas nozzles, which are fitted inside the mould cavity at precise locations that are previously established at the design stage. These gas nozzles may be separately controlled as there are the possibility of having several gas injection channels, a fundamental feature of the CGR control units.


Features and advantages

The advantages of Control Gas™ are as follows:
- the shape and surface finish of the moulded pieces is aesthetically improved, due to greater adhesion of the material to to all the cavity’s walls. No more “sink marks” on the part with uneven thicknesses and this at a very low hold pressure;
- dimensional stability, flatness and conformity to maximum values;
- a reduction of the cooling time of the material in the mould results in faster moulding cycles (this is also thanks to the low gas injection temperature);
- lighter end products, therefore a reduction in the amount of material used, lower clamping force in relation to traditional moulding systems;
- reduction of the percentage of rejected parts;
- there is no need, of post fixturing the moulded parts that means a lower the final cost;
- energy saver.

Machines data may be subject to alteration at any time, without prior notice from the manufacturer, in order to improve the technical features of the equipment.

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