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The world’s first “retrofit” technology for the microcellular foaming of plastics.
CGR srl was the first company to launch retrofit technology for the microcellular foaming of plastics with low investment costs that can be used with any existing press and only requiring small adaptations that will not affect the normal running of the injection moulding machines.
An innovative process and technology resulting in lower plastic processing costs and optimising the process and quality of the finished product.
"Low Density" aims to optimise every aspect of standard processes compared to traditional injection moulding.

centraline low density
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  1. Shut-off nozzle
  2. CGR gas injection nozzle
  3. Plasticization units
  4. CGR “Low Density” control unit
  5. CGR “MH15” nitrogen compressor
  6. Nitrogen (N2) bottle

Lower Costs:

  • Elimination of the post-pressure and hold time
  • Up to 60% less plastic material
  • Up to 50% lower clamp tonnage
  • Lower cycle time 
  • Up to 40% less energy consumption per cycle
  • Retrofit Technology enabling any existing injection moulding machines to be used
  • Low investment costs
  • Limited modifications needed

Product Benefits:

  • Elimination of sink marks
  • Elimination of shrinkage
  • Improved dimensional stability with less residual stress


Sustainability (100% green):

  • 100% recyclable*
  • Up to 40% less electricity consumption per cycle
  • Also works with recycled materials

* The “Low Density” injection process leaves no chemical residue because it uses nitrogen (N2), an inert gas, and so the items made are completely recyclable


100% made in Italy:
Developed, designed and built entirely in Italy by a team of young engineers specialising in plastics, who started out by studying the market and customer demands and consequently developed and implemented a European patent and a product to give business customers a stronger competitive edge and optimise their manufacturing costs.
All CGR products are developed, designed and built in Italy based on its patent-protected projects.
CGR is a young business, run by young minds.


Tailor made:
A key element is the company’s flexibility and ability to build "bespoke" products for its customers, to satisfy a wide variety of demands and providing non-stop service with guaranteed availability of spare parts.

CGR provides service and training for personnel at all stages, starting even before the initial designs are drawn up right though to the start of production of a part.


All systems go!
CGR supplies whatever its customers need for (N2) gas injection moulding of plastics, be it the nitrogen generator, compressor, Gas Moulding control units or the gas nozzles. All its products are protected by CGR patents.


Wine corks:

  • 45% less weight
  • 25% shorter cycle time

Bristle Disk for industrial brushes:

  • 35% less weight (polypropylene)
  • 10% shorter cycle time



Polishing Brushes for Ceramics:

  • 30% less weight (ABS fibreglass)
  • No warping 
  • No post machining necessary



Clothes hangers:

  • 30% less weight
  • Less warping
  • No post fixturing necessary

Swimming pool runoff channels:

  • 12% less weight (recycled HD PE)
  • 23% shorter cycle time
  • 44% less clamp tonnage
  • No warping



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